domingo, 23 de abril de 2017

I used to

I used to cry myself to sleep, just wishing that i could ever be that girl in the songs the man i loved listened to. I wished it so bad, i looked for myself in every song, even tho i could never find me. I guess i just wanted to feel like i was in his thoughts, i wanted a tune to remind me that im loved, i wanted sweet words for those that were not said to me. I wanted some voice to scatter all those gloomy thoughts that filled my days.

Today, im feeling sad and blue. And there's silence, there's an awful silence, and there are no "i love you"s in sight, and not a single song to be played. I gave up those dreams a long time ago, yet here i am, looking for myself in songs that are not meant for me. Like i did before that, and before that, and before that. ¿Why do i always feel like a second place?


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